Soto Academy students and families are encouraged and welcome to use this website to access classroom and learning resources. If you have any questions, visit the Contact Me page to send me a message!

Check out the Cool Websites section for online resources for reading and math skills, touch typing, and mouse skills such as clicking and dragging.

Using online resources are a great way for your child to learn new skills as well as reinforce the ones they╩╗re learning in school. Since the sites vary in skill level and content, please make sure to monitor your child while they are online. Discussing Internet safety and online rules with your child will help make the online experience fun for everyone. A great online resource for Internet safety is www.netsmartz.org.

Remote Learning

If you or your child needs to contact me for any reason, please click on Contact Me to send me a message using the online form. No email address required.

Computer Class

Summer 2019